Thursday, August 28, 2008

We've already ditched school!

I homeschool my 10 year old son. Our county started school on Aug. 4th. I know. I know. Too early!

Well, I normally don't start our school that early, but last year was a rough year for us. My father-in-law was ill for several months and passed away in December. The travel really threw us off schedule and, honestly, the last thing you care about when that happens is getting all your school days in.

We did get them in, but it was throwing more stress on an already stressful time. So, this year we started our lessons on Aug. 4, much earlier than I originally planned. The idea being it would give us more opportunities to miss school if we needed to.

Today we needed to ditch school. We've had many dreary days of rain (thanks to remnants of Tropical Storm Fay) and today it was only partly cloudy with a mere 10 percent chance of rain. Reason to celebrate!

We dumped the books and headed for a state park that is very close to us and I spent some time this afternoon watching my son swim in the lake. It was really what we needed and a good start for Labor Day weekend. We'll do school tomorrow and take Monday off too!

Then we'll put our noses to the grindstone again, I promise.

School has been going remarkably well this year. Granted it has only just begun, but we've had some very productive days. E's guitar lessons have been going really well too. His guitar teacher says he is doing great! And I've gotten no arguments about practice! Fantastic!

Fall baseball season has started (the practices anyway, games start next weekend). E's team looks really good and I hope they have a great season. I'm ready to cheer them on!

We're approaching my favorite time of year --- fall! I'm so excited about the wonderful things ahead for us!

And I see a few more days of ditching school in our future. :)