Friday, July 25, 2008

Tulips in the sunlight

The picture at the top of my blog was taken by my son in March of this year. I think it's pretty impressive for a 10 year old. I love the way the sun comes in through the living room curtains and makes them look like wisps of lace. I love the way the tulips look, just beginning to open, with the best of their glory yet to be seen.

That little pot of tulips was a simple gift from my husband and son for my 37th birthday this year. Simple, small, and given with so much love to me from the men who make my life so very wonderful.

I'm a simple girl (and I firmly believe even 37 year old women can call themselves girls, if they feel like it). I don't have incredibly expensive tastes. I don't enjoy doing things like going on luxurious trips or having my husband buy me expensive jewelry. I have a simple life. I am a mom, a wife, and a homeschooler. My simple days are busy with housework, schoolwork (during the school year), and taking care of the needs of my family.

Sometimes my life can get buried deep into piles of laundry. My days can be overcome by dirty dishes overflowing in the sink. Sometimes I can't see anything past the dirt of the infamous Georgia clay that makes up our yard and our local ball field. Sometimes I can turn my life into a drudgery. Most people can, if they stop and think about it a certain way.

But all I have to do is look past the laundry and think about the activities that dirtied those clothes. Swimming and fishing in the river. My son playing outside with friends. Getting caught in the rain while walking the dog.

The piled up dirty dishes remind me of long breakfasts on weekend mornings of pancakes and bacon, with lots of laughter and anticipated plans for the day. Chocolate chip cookies cooling on racks and then piled high on plates with cold glasses of milk as a surprise for my husband and son.

Red dirt is annoying piled up in my carpet, but it's inevitable after a hard day of baseball practice or a game played in the evening and ending in the shouts of victory by a dugout full of sweaty 10 year old boys who fought hard and won.

And just like the tulips in the sunlight my life hasn't completely opened yet. I still have wonderful things to look forward to, future glories yet to see.

So my blog is simply about my life. It's nothing amazing or incredible, but sometimes it really is. Sometimes they're just flowers in a pot, but sometimes they're tulips in the sunlight.

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