Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quick cupcakes

My son had a friend over to play last Friday and it turned into a sleepover. I didn't have any snacky fun stuff for my son and his friend to eat, so I quickly made up a batch of cupcakes using this yellow cake recipe from I used a store brought chocolate frosting that I had in my cabinet.

I've used the recipe for yellow cake several times. It is really delicious. The orange juice gives it a great flavor. There is a lot of sugar in the recipe, but, if you're eating cupcakes, you're not really counting calories, right? I've thought about cutting back on some sugar or using a sugar/Splenda combo, but I never have. My husband and son wouldn't like it too much if I changed the recipe because they love the taste of the cupcakes.

Besides the taste, what I love about the recipe is how quick and easy it is. I rarely buy store bought cake mixes, but I always have all-purpose flour, baking powder, and all the other ingredients for this cake in my cupboards. Grabbing the ingredients and mixing them up takes a matter of five minutes or so.

I was kind of lucky to have store bought frosting in the cabinet. I bought it to frost some vanilla cookies for Christmas that I hadn't made yet. I used to just make up a chocolate frosting with cocoa powder, but the taste was never quite right. The store bought frosting really tastes good on the cupcakes and makes the work that much easier. I've resolved to stock up on chocolate frosting from the store, because it's not that expensive and just makes the process faster.

This cake recipe is easy and simple and the flavor beats out any store-bought cake mix. With this recipe, I made 12 cupcakes and a 9 inch square cake. I made it on Friday and by Sunday night it was all gone!

Baked goods are not safe in this house!

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