Thursday, January 29, 2009

I heart cross-stitching

A year or so ago they opened a store near my parents' house called The Amish Barn. I visit that store as often as I can and I always find something to buy.

You don't see a lot of Amish-y stuff in Georgia, but Amish stuff is BIG in West Virginia. My sister lives in Greenbrier County and near her is a store owned by a Mennonite family. They sell meat, cheese, and assorted other groceries. They have a separate building that houses their bakery. Yep, that's right. A bakery. I love going to that bakery!

The Amish Barn is not owned by Amish people (of course!), but they sell items made by the Amish. They have some really nice furniture. I have plans to buy some furniture from them one day. They also have food stuff. My son likes a particular type of seedless black raspberry jam and they carry it. I can't remember the particular brand. I just know it when I see it.

They also sell pictures, frames, candles, and some primitive-type things. Last year I started buying these cute little cross-stitch projects from them. They are from the Gentle People Collection from Douglas Designs out of Arkansas. The designs all feature "plain" people doing "plain" things. I bought one that is a lady picking apples from an apple tree. Another is called "Corn Man" featuring a man in a corn field.

Here's one that is finished showing a mother with a mixing bowl and a little boy in front of her with flowers behind his back. It's called "Surprise!". I framed it just to see how it would look, but this is not the frame it will stay in.
After I get this set of 3 finished, I plan to put them in simple wood frames and hang them in my kitchen. I've been cross-stitching since I was in my early teens and these designs are basic, but finishing them just makes me very happy!

I really love to cross-stitch!

There's a website address on the designs I bought from the Amish Barn, but it doesn't work. I did find Jeanette Douglas Designs, but haven't been able to find the Gentle People Collection from her site. Maybe it's not the same place.

I'm hoping to cross-stitch all my female relatives something this year! I gotta get busy!


Nikki said...

I used to cross-stitch, and I loved it, too. Now my "thing" is crocheting, and I find that works well for me right now. I hope to take cross-stitching back up one day because I have two projects that I never finished!

A. said...

You mean, "all my female relatives and my new friend Amy in Indiana!"


I love cross stitch but I can't do it. I just love to look at it and think about someone taking the time to do it.

There is a HUGE Amish presence here in Indiana. Would you believe in a year and a half we have not made it to "Amish Country" yet?

Tina said...

Amy! You have to read the Beverly Lewis series Abram's Daughters. It talks a bit about the Amish in Indiana. Just a bit, but they're great books!

Okay, Nikki, you are going to have to help me sometime with the crocheting. I can only make a chain! For some reason I have never been able to progress with that particular craft.

Nikki said...

Tina, I would love to show you how! If only we lived closer....