Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day

Every June it comes around -- another opportunity to tell the man who raised you thanks for doing such a great job.

It seems like kind of a set up, really. Of course, I am never going to tell him he did a bad job. If he'd done such a bad job, how come I turned out so great?

Here's a few thanks I'm sending out to my dad. It's not everything I could thank him for, but that list would take a very long time!

1. Thank you for working hard and sacrificing so much for a bunch of kids you claimed weren't really yours. Family joke. It's funny. Trust me.

2. Thanks for having such a great sense of humor.

3. Thanks for making me go to church. I didn't appreciate it back then, but I'm thankful for it now.

4. Thanks for being dependable. I know without a doubt that I can call you in a crisis.

5. Thanks for teaching me about our family's history.

6. Thanks for the long drives just looking around. I enjoy those drives now with my son too. One day he'll appreciate it.

7. Thanks for helping me with flat tires, empty gas tanks, and money for college.

8. Thanks for keeping such a tight reign on me when I was growing up. Believe it or not, I could have gotten into a lot more trouble than I did!

9. Thanks for spending time with my son and sharing your interests with him.

10. Thanks for staying happily married to my mother for 45 years! P.S. Happy Anniversary!

And Happy Father's Day! Now go take a nap. You deserve it!

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A. said...

So sweet! What a wonderful list. I share a lot of those with my Dad, too.