Monday, March 23, 2009

Morning Routine

I'm following Tammy's lead and listing 5 things I plan to do every morning! I love making lists!

My Morning Routine:

1) Exercise on my recumbent bike
2) Breakfast
3) Bible devotions with my son
4) School
5) Mid-morning walk (weather permitting) while my son rides his bike

Of course, schoolwork will continue after the walk!

Visit Tammy for more routines!


TAMI said...

Love your blog header - very beautiful!

A. said...

I just adore lists. Lists and spiral notebooks. There is nothing like cracking open a spiral notebook and starting a new list.

We do need to sit down and have a chat soon. I'm afraid if I try to talk about home right now I'll just start crying. Which is weird because we've had one of the best weeks in terms of being in Indiana. I think it has to do with actually making a life here means we are moving on. That makes me sad, I guess.

Perhaps I could stop taking up your blog space and do a post of my own. Geesh!!

I have no morning routine. I NEED one though. Maybe I'll go crack open a nice springy yellow notebook and make a list centered around morning routines.

Tanya said...

I also like making a list too. Feel good to see things crossed off, but can be stressful when you don't get it all done.