Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Should I have tipped her?

We use a mobile groomer for our little pug, Smokey. She does a good job with the dog and she's been coming to our house about every few months or so for the last couple of years.

The price is pretty good. She charges $45 for each visit. She bathes him, brushes out all the "underfur", trims his fur if it needs it, clips his nails, and cleans out his ears. She does everything in her van and I love the convenience of it.

I've thought about cutting out this expense, because we end up bathing him at home too. But cutting his nails is a pain and the bath I give him is nothing like the one she gives him. I figure I'm actually paying about $15 a month for her service, sometimes maybe a little more and that seems like a good deal to me.

I've been a bit of a neglectful dog owner lately. We got the dog groomed in late December and I think I have given him a bath once since then! Smokey was a mess! And I told her that. I felt bad that the job she normally does for us was going to be a little bit harder than normal.

Here's the question: Should I have tipped her?

I thought about it, but ended up just writing the check for the usual amount. I remember reading in some article long ago that you shouldn't tip the business owner. Also, I thought, why tip her for bathing my dog, which is what I'm PAYING her to do? And, oh yeah, I'm kind of cheap.

Sure, he was a little messier than he normally is. Maybe a little smellier. But he's an indoor dog. It's not like he's out digging in the dirt or swimming in a pond.

So, I decided no tip, but was that the right thing to do?


A. said...

OK, so we never tip our groomer either. I know lots of people who do. I felt really bad that we didn't. However, like yours, she is the owner and does this as extra income. I figure I'm already paying her and no one else is getting a "cut." If I took our dog to a larger place where they only got a cut of the money I would probably tip.

Did that make sense?

Tina said...

That was my thinking too, but sometimes it's hard to know the rules!

A. said...

I just found out I'm supposed to tip the girl at Sonic. So, don't go by me.

Tip her for what? Walking three steps to my car? I still have to yell into a speaker, swipe my own card and take my trash with me.

Who knew!!