Friday, April 17, 2009

Yep, I'm old

I have a niece and nephew who are both attending my old alma mater, Concord College, except now it's called Concord University.

That's not why I think I'm old, though.

I was talking to my niece, Sam, who lives on campus. I asked her what my old stomping grounds were like now. I asked if they still showed movies once a month at the Student Union.

That was a big deal back in my Concord Days. It was always a recent movie and people would pile into chairs and couches to catch the movie. How great was that? Watching a good movie you didn't have to drive several miles for (or in my case catch a ride with someone who had a car!). Plus you didn't have to pay to see it!

Sam told me they didn't show movies like that anymore, but they do have an XBox and a Playstation in that area now.

What a shame, I was thinking when she told me that. Those poor kids don't get to experience the thrill of gathering together to see a movie!

Then I remembered it's 2009 and every college student has a laptop they can use to play DVDs. And I'm sure most of the kids have DVD players in their rooms.

The cable television at Concord --- which used to have about 13 channels when my husband and I were living there --- has also greatly improved. They have tons of channels now! Those spoiled kids get everything!

They don't have to wait once a month to see a movie. They don't have to become friends with the only person on their floor that has a VCR so they can rent a movie to watch. They don't have to run from class to their room to make a phone call, because they're all walking around with CELL PHONES!

By the way, Sam and Chris, I didn't have a car on campus. Is the Deli Mart still there? That's where I used to WALK to get some chips and pop to keep in my room as I watched ABC's movie of the week.

Hope you guys are having a great semester!

Here's a little music from back in the day, specifically for my hubby! Hey, honey! You're old too, but it's Friday, so smile!

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